Site Prep Begins for Construction!

River Ridge Colored Addition Plan 2-27-17.jpg

Site Prep Begins for Construction of Preferred Design!

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Athey

On February 27, Kraemer Brothers Construction began site preparation at the Patch Grove school campus.  The initial phase includes excavation followed by truckloads of fill to build a stable foundation for a middle school wing.

On February 15 at a special electors’ meeting, attendees authorized the Board to purchase a strip of land from Roy and Mickey Quick.  During the meeting, architect Kevin Eipperle explained that the preferred design for the middle school addition is too near to the school’s existing property line.  By purchasing a strip of land from the Quick’s for $10,020 and extending the district’s property line to the east, the district avoids the following expenditures of over $200,000:

$60,000 in additional fire suppression measures

$38,000 for retaining walls

$55,000 for underground storm water detention

$60,000 for replacement parking

$213,000 Total

The extended property line also allows for preservation of elementary playground space, preservation of parking spaces, and safer slopes for yard mowing/maintenance.

The majority of subcontractor bids for the project are in and the board has approved a $9.4M Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) as presented by Kraemer Brothers Construction.  This price is below the $9.5M authorized during the November, 2016 referendum.

Thanks to these favorable bids, and the property acquisition, we are able to move forward with the preferred design plan.  The plan calls for a single story addition featuring:

  • 8 large and 3 small classrooms
  • a computer lab
  • offices for pupil services
  • a gymnasium and locker rooms for middle school physical education, sports events, and other group events

Remodeling of existing space in the current building to create:

  • a second classroom for 4 year old kindergarten
  • one room for band and a separate room for choir
  • energy efficiency improvements
  • a break /work area for staff



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