The River Ridge School District will strive to provide a safe, challenging environment for each individual student by promoting excellent staff development, encouraging meaningful parent involvement, and earning strong community support through honesty, integrity and open communication.


The River Ridge School District held public input sessions in 2015/16 as part of a long-range planning process. During that process, the most frequently cited recommendation was to move to a single campus. Financial and operational efficiencies were named as the reasons for creating a single campus.

The proposed project to establish one site for grades Pre K-12 would:

• Reduce District operating expenses
• Eliminate in-district travel for teachers and other staff maximizing staff productivity and providing more teacher and staff time for student needs
• Address compliance with building codes and ADA requirements improving safety and accessibility
• Include window replacements, plumbing, and electrical improvements
• Improve heating, cooling and ventilation


  1. Strive to be a more financially and operationally efficient district
  2. Support a unified school culture
  3. Invest in the District’s resources for long term use



What are the financial benefits/efficiencies of a one campus plan?
One of the benefits would be a $250,000 annual decrease in operating cost by operating all academics and extracurriculars at one site. Another benefit is that teachers and other staff will not need to travel between sites. This will provide more teacher and staff time for student needs. It will also provide more flexibility for class scheduling and allow for maximum staff productivity.

Is now a good time to make a capital investment?
Interest rates are at historic lows. Making a capital investment will reduce the District’s annual operating expenses. Prevailing wage law will cease on January 1, 2017, which may reduce the cost of the construction project. Under the existing state aid formula, the District would be eligible to receive approximately 25% of the principal and interest payments on the amount borrowed for the project in the form of additional state aid. The State’s sharing in the referendum costs lessens the burden on local taxpayers.

What will happen to the Bloomington School if both questions pass?
Building and site will be available for redevelopment or community use.

What will happen to the Bloomington School if the first question passes and not the second?
The District will continue to use a portion of the Bloomington School for athletic activities and community events.

What if both questions fail?
The District will continue to operate both schools. No operational savings will be realized. Operating expenses will continue to increase and budget reductions will need to be prioritized. The expiring $150,000 operational referendum will create additional budgetary reductions. Quality of education and curriculum opportunities will be reduced. No building and site improvements will be made.

What is wrong with cutting programs?
The quality of education determines how students are prepared for their future. Families select school districts based on the opportunities available for their children. As opportunities decline, families can leave the district and open enroll to other districts. As enrollment declines, the District receives less revenue to pay operating expenses.